Eastside” a Hip Hop / R&B / Rap Artist out of Lithonia, Ga is a lyricist that began his musical career at 16 years old in a friends house recording in a closet using an AudCity mic he bought off of Amazon. At 5 years old he was playing the drums for a big church in Lithonia called Fairfield Baptist Church. The rapper never took it seriously but always loved to rap and make music. Fast-forwarding years later, he started to freestyle and write his lyrics; at this point, he wanted to be heard so he started to take it seriously. After graduating high school, Eastside attended Paine College on a track scholarship where he was later arrested for robbery and kicked out of college. Eastside didn’t let his mistake hold him back, and just like every true hustler, he began to take his rap career seriously. He caught the attention of Bausini who is a record executive for Muscle Jam Music, an Independent Record label out Union City, GA. MJM signed Eastside Bandit because of work ethic and his life story. Eastside Bandit is one of the top rap acts in Atlanta, his music will have the club rocking if you’re having a bad day and need that street motivation, he’s the guy for you.