About Khiy



Kiah Coleman, also known as Khiy, is a hip-hop artist based in Georgia.


Already, Khiy has three albums and singles out there on the web. The artist’s full-length albums include Just the Beginning, Pt.II, Just the Beginning, and Mixed Feelings.


Khiy started a professional music career in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. This artist has gone from strength to strength with each new release, honing, and

developing a unique sound. Now, Khiy has already taken 2020 by storm and is due to release new music!


With some new, excellent music, Khiy explores hip-hop but also regularly collaborates with producers and DJs on tracks with a contemporary electronic


Khiy has a unique personality and anyone who meets her, will fall in love with her free spirit. Her free spirit lead her to Muscle Jam Music an Independent Record Label in Atlanta. Her team supports her 100 percent and believes she is a star. 


Explore music with Khiy.