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Big Velli Busts Through To The Next Level With “Tank” – Brand-New Single Available June 3rd, 2021!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

After refining his skills deep in the trenches of the underground, Big Velli formerly (Eastside) is set to take listeners on a trip straight into the heart of darkness & out into the light this year. Putting the finishing touches on what will become his most personal record to-date with the official release of the Meet-Velli EP, coming out in 2021 – Big Velli is keepin’ the entertainment flowin’ large & in-charge ahead of schedule with “Tank,” the hard-hitting lead- single dropping online in advance on June 3rd. Ready to take his talent from the street to the presidential suite of the White House – “Tank” is full confirmation that his bulletproof bars are built stronger than steel & that he’s got the sheer determination and pure craft it takes to change the entire game, 100%.

Leading by example, Big Velli is making the most of his moment and showing the world at-large that he’s capable of overcoming any obstacle in his way as he carves out the legacy he was born to create. From the undeniable power he puts into a microphone rivaling the pure strength of his faith, to the serious swagger & rhythmic precision he puts into every syllable he spits – “Tank” is a testament to what can be achieved when an artist sets their mind completely to being number one without compromise. Unfiltered, raw, and real as it gets – Big Velli is a lyrical force to be reckoned with – a “Tank” that’s built to bust through to the next-level and beyond with quality rhymes that are as insightful as entertaining.

Proudly repped by Muscle Jam Music, produced by the legendary skills of Russian beat-maker Out.Def – Big Velli has held nothing back in the process of pursuing greatness & “Tank” proves it pound for pound. From the confident, gritty, and gripping tone of his voice informing listening ears he stands behind every single word he says, to the dank beat that pumps out menacing vibes designed with mystery & mayhem – “Tank” reveals Big Velli’s mastery of the mic and the swagger & finesse of a man born to make music. “Tank” drops on every major online platform June 3rd – the Meet-Velli EP on July 4th – all-new merch designed for his Tuff Diamond brand available as well – stay connected:

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