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Light It Up! Khiy Combines A Lil’ TLC With THC For Her Debut Single – “Jamaican Me Happy” – 09/03/20

Updated: Aug 29

After riding high on the excitement of signing an exclusive deal as an artist/producer proudly reppin’ the Muscle Jam Music roster, Khiy is set to start rollin’ strong towards living her dreams as a career musician & smokin’ her way up to the tops of charts & playlists in 2020.

With a full dose of genuine F-U-N in the mix on a brand-new joint that flexes her supremely dynamic and versatile talents from the lefts to the rights – join Khiy in celebrating the release of her debut single “Jamaican Me Happy” on September 3rd! Stylistically slick & smooth, flavored with authentic island vibes in the music produced by 7ink, and the X-factor of Khiy & her charisma on the m-i-c – “Jamaican Me Happy” has the spark required to light-up the nation & turn good-times immediately into great ones.

Handling her business with confidence and professional precision from the bars to the hooks, Khiy’s diverse style & sound as both a singer & rapper is a bold reflection of her dedication to an artist’s lifestyle; “Jamaican Me Happy” proves she doesn’t just talk about it – she IS about it!

Join her on 09/03/2020 – Khiy’s debut single will be available on all major platforms online. A brilliant fusion of uplifting hybrid vibes that reveal the stunning uniqueness of Khiy’s immaculate swagger, flow & creativity, “Jamaican Me Happy” combines her captivating vocals & radiant charisma into chilled-out perfection. Based out of Atlanta, GA, with a date for worldwide superstardom – Khiy’s debut single “Jamaican Me Happy” is the anthem, the mood, and the moment – it’s a cut designed to be turned UP & puff-puff passed around the internet like wildfire.

Complete with a spectacular video to support her brand-new song – Khiy is ready to break the internet with the debut of “Jamaican Me Happy” & celebrate with YOU this year! Find out more about Khiy from the official Muscle Jam Music website: