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Muscle Jam Music

Muscle Jam Music is an Independent Record Label based out of Atlanta Georgia. Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Inter

Established in 2013 by the dynamic duo Garry Brown Jr, known as (BadPresz), serving as President, and Dasha Brown as the CEO, Muscle Jam Music embodies a powerhouse of talent. Both Garry and Dasha are multifaceted professionals, skilled as Recording Engineers, Songwriters, Cinematographers, Editors, and Producers.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Muscle Jam Music operates as an independent record label, collaborating tirelessly with a diverse array of artists. Our extensive departments cover Film, Merchandise, and Music, all dedicated to creating exceptional content. Our overarching mission is to craft chart-topping hits, produce outstanding music, and deliver compelling visual content.

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Dasha Brown

Garry Brown


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