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Born to flip the script and change the game, Jaden Damion’ Broussard was born on October 2nd, 2002, in Houston, Texas.  


Growing up in the notorious Third Ward as the older of two children, he grew up hard in a split-family situation that saw his mother, singer Dana Monique, struggling to raise her kids all on her own.  Before he’d even hit kindergarten, Jaden had already discovered that music would be his true salvation & pathway to the life he’d want to live, and soon afterwards was humbly submitting his very first song called “Be Drug Free” to his elementary school for drug awareness week.  Feeding off the pure inspiration and warm comforts of enthusiastic encouragement, Jaden decided to become a career artist.

By the time he was only twelve, Jaden would make what became the most pivotal & crucial decision for the future of his music, and moved out to Atlanta to live with his Aunt & Uncle, who had just started up a brand-new label called Muscle Jam Music.  Over the years to follow, Jaden spent every day mercilessly refining his skillset, honing his craft to perfection, and evolving at an exceptional rate by any measure – knowing full well that if he put the work in, results would follow, and he’d turn his dreams into daily life.


A true student of the craft – he listened, and he learned – quickly.  Not only did he possess an incredible presence on the microphone built on powerfully bold tones and gripping authenticity, but he continued to develop his skillset in entertainment, from rapping, singing & songwriting, into professional acting as well.  Only when he was entirely 100% sure that he had completely unlocked his full potential, did young Jaden get his shot at joining the MJM roster officially at long last – and he earned his spot by remaining committed, dedicated, & staying true to himself the whole time.  Naturally invested in become the best artist on the charts today, he is set to surge through speakers far & wide throughout the globe with his official debut in 2021, professionally stepping into the spotlight and paying homage to how music saved him through the name he chose – Gothpartyweekend formerly (Salvatixn).  Breaking ground with his first single “No Love” in March, and currently working on a massive lineup of cuts that explore wild hybrid combinations of Rap, Trap, & Hip-Hop, infused with Alt-Rock, Indie, Punk, and more – Gothpartyweekend has arrived – and it’s his time to shine.

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