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GOTHPARTYWEEKEND’S Debut GOTH PARTY EP Re-release Is Full Proof He’s On That Next Level –

Goth Party Is Available on June 24th, 2022 on all digital platforms.

From the very moment he, Gothpartyweekend formerly known as (Salvatixn) stepped into the spotlight with the release of his first single “No Love” early last year, fans of his hybrid Alt-R&B/Rap/Goth vibes have been highly anticipating his next move.

After spending most of 2021 in the lab, writing, recording, and perfecting a complete lineup of deep cuts to include on a groundbreaking debut unlike any other – the Goth Party EP was officially released online on October 31st, 2021 but due to the name complications, his label removed his music, changed his name to GOTHPARTYWEEKEND and decided to re-release GOTH PARTY EP with his new name June 24th, 2022.

With eight sensational tracks guaranteed to chart GOTHPARTYWEEKEND is on a path straight to the top of the playlists worldwide & the success he deserves as one of the game’s most innovative and skillful new artists on the scene – Goth Party is fully audible proof that his visionary talent is miles ahead of the rest.

Originally growing up in the 3rd Ward of Houston before shifting his gears with a pivotal move to Atlanta to sign with Muscle Jam Music – GOTHPARTYWEEKEND now has his sights set firmly on total domination from coast to coast. Armed with bulletproof bars, stylistically slick hooks, and straight-up addictive sound designed to shake the walls while it moves your mind – the Goth Party EP reveals GOTHPARTYWEEKEND to be a truly generational talent with the undeniable X-factors that confirm he was born and destined to change the game forever.

Available June 24th on every major music platform, proudly presented by Muscle Jam Music, and including the lead single “Crawling Back” which is featured online with its own cinematic storyline video released in full support – GOTHPARTYWEEKEND is heating up the Summer of 2022 with pure fire in what you see, to what you hear.

Over the course of eight tracks that transition through a series of unfiltered emotions, intense vibes, and Gothpartyweekend’s innate connection to get to the heart of what’s real, the vibrant & sensory songs on his debut record are built to move the mind, body, and soul of the people, as one. Through Gothpartyweekend’s naturally next-level persona, wild verbal charisma & spectacular digital vibes – the Goth Party EP is 100% essential for listening from start to finish, and far beyond the scope of any typical debut. It’s a statement record and a milestone achievement...a sign of what’s to come as GOTHPARTYWEEKEND confidently leads the way into the future with music second to none, carving out a legendary legacy as an artist gifted with the power to blaze his own trail from day one.

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