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International Recording Artist KiefBrown’s New Album “ConversationsWith God”

His 1st Ever Gospel Rap-

Inspired Collection Is Out Now on All Streaming Platforms!

Kief Brown is a man who has tasted both sides of life; the good, the bad, and the evil and is well

versed to recommend the better side; - starting out with street rap, this 3-time Grammy-

nominated star had the whole musical world at his feet but even that was not enough to make

him contented. There was something that was lacking inside of him, a kind of salvation that his

soul was craving and once he embraced the call to seek it, nothing has been the same again.

It has not been a walk in the park- temptations have been there but how he has reacted to them

defines the now accomplished Christian rap artist who is seeking to spread hope, positivity and

redemption using his music that does not judge, is lively and the message behind the lyrics

certainly transcends the four walls of the church!

This is a proud moment for Kief Brown since it is the world premiere of his new 7-track inspired album; his first ever as a gospel rap artist and which details his gratitude for salvation,

testimonies, victories, growth and restoration of hope in God the almighty Father!


In “Love Like You” Kief Brown professes his love and admiration for Christ who was able to

look beyond his past life and sins and welcome him into his kingdom even when he felt he didn’t

deserve it; starting with a very telling keyboard intro that forms the basic melodic component

around which the quintessential hip hop instrumentation builds, there is not much of an effort

needed to fall in love with this track. The chorus is uplifting with his theme-supportive rhymes

giving life to this spectacular tune.

“Two Masters” is hard-hitting right from the intro as the marriage between the deep-phased bass, the 808 sound, atmospheric synths and the rampant drums evoke a big, bold sound. Kief

Brown adopts his role as he gives a detailed lyrical conversation over the blazing beats capped off with the irresistibly catchy and memorable hooks!

“No Weapon” has an undeniably addictive aura that is underlined by the head-banging and

inviting beats from the word go. Taking the moment with genuine composer and maturity,

Brown’s vocals float over the thick wave of instrumentation with purpose and resonance as he

delivers his gospel-refined lines, “no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper” and also drives the message of victory forward with some inspirational bars!

For some reasons unbeknownst to me, I can’t seem to get the melodies and overall feel around

“Hittin Right” off of my head; - starting off with what is a laid-back, nostalgic and equally

expressive melodicism, this tune sees Kief very raw, emotional and honest as his message

underlines positivity and optimism- drawing from his own journey before he decided to leave

everything behind and follow Christ like a disciple.

There is that background haunting melodic percussion that is unforgettable and gets your spirits right each time it hits your nerves. “Jumping the Game” is a showcase of the depth of lyrical worship as Kief Brown goes on to encourage and give hope that everything is bound to be okay- you just have to trust. His way of poetic summation leaves nothing to be desired!

In “Work in Progress” he advocates for the need to trust the process. Even though he knows that

he still isn’t there yet but one thing is certain; he is way further ahead than where he used to be!

With this fulfilling collection, Kief Brown is here to prove that Gospel music doesn’t have to be

the usual boring and slow-moving. It can be this lively and lyrical so as to appeal to a wider

audience and there is no doubt that “Conversations with God” is going to bless more souls and

impact a tremendous number of its listeners!

To listen to “Conversations with God” in its entirety; follow the attached link and don’t indulge

in this masterpiece alone; - the album prohibits such self-centeredness!

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