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Kief Brown Embraces Spirituality & Spectacular Sound As One – Brand-New Single “My Season”

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Give it up to the Most High!

With three Grammy nominations already secured in his career, sensational solo artist Kief Brown is no stranger to success whatsoever – but he also recognized that even with all he had accomplished already, there was still so much more to achieve on a personal & spiritual level. Returning to the scene in 2020 with a brand-new single that reveals the revelatory sound of Brown at its most humble & mesmerizing – “My Season” is a stylistic song that tells the true tale of the man behind the music & his mindset today.

By embracing his spirituality and focusing intently on love, devout servitude, and his ability to connect others around the world to important messages though his music and platform as an established artist with a stellar reputation for pure entertainment – Kief is reborn into the spotlight on “My Season” and destined for the tops of charts & playlists this year. Supported by an exciting partnership with the new indie label Muscle Jam Music, Brown’s latest single details the set-backs, struggles, and self- doubts he’s battled & overcome to get to where he is today – “My Season” is proof he’s stronger than ever before, better for having gone through it all, and ready to resume pursuing his dreams at full-strength with the confidence & comfort of knowing that the Lord is at his side. Considering how twisted life could have been if Kief had let success go to his head, or where he might have ended up with all the chances he’s taken along the way – “My Season” reveals an artist with the wisdom & talent to pass on his experience effectively to those out there that need to hear it most, all with undeniable style & swagger fully intact.

Through an inspired approach to powerful songwriting, infusing important messages with vibrant music – Kief Brown is rising up from the ashes of his past, ready to pursue his future fearlessly & take everyone out there listening along for the ride. “My Season” releases officially on November 11th, 2020, marking the start of an all-new chapter of Kief’s career in collaboration with Muscle Jam Music, through a single that has him sounding more inspired, passionate, stylistic, and smooth than ever before. “My Season” is what it sounds like when an artist finds their way to the spotlight where they’ve always truly belonged. Join Kief Brown as he takes over the scene in 2020 with a single that’s got real substance for the soul.

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