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Kief Brown Jacking 4 Jesus Music Series

Just another example of Mr. Brown putting his spirituality to the test! “Gotta be my strength and my song” he says. With all his music he wants to heal, love, and inspire. This new series entitled “Jacking 4 JESUS” is all about him using popular mainstream tracks that may or may not mislead the youth about business, life, and of course spirituality! His plan is to trick the listener(s) into saving their own soul(s). As they are familiar with the beats, they subtly allow Kief to mentor and elaborate on more of GODs Glory. Wow it is a wonderfully purpose filled idea!

Maybe he can get somewhere with this, stay tuned as he plans to release a new piece of his soul saving puzzle each Friday. His label Muscle Jam Music stands firmly behind him as he wishes to serve his father first and foremost as he would put it. “It’s a great feeling, no hurdles or tricks from his label, just support in his growth,” Kief mentions. The end result is to save as many lost souls as possible, nothing more nothing less!

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