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Gothpartyweekend Has Arrived In 2021 – “No Love” Is Out Now!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Fully Loaded With Swagger & Stylistic Sound Designed To Take Him To #1 – Gothpartyweekend formerly (Salvatixn) Has Arrived In 2021 – “No Love” Is Out Now!

The pathway to success was far from being a straight line from point-A to point-B for young superstar Jaden Broussard aka Gothpartyweekend, but don’t get it twisted – through his sheer determination, unmatched drive, and pure natural skill, he’s well on his way to the number one spot on charts around the globe with his debut cut “No Love.”

After growing up in the 3rd ward of Houston, Texas, in a split-family situation that saw Jaden living with his struggling single mother doing everything she could to keep them afloat – he battled depression, the lack of his father figure, and even homelessness throughout his childhood. Ultimately, it was music that kept the family together; his mom is a singer as well (Dana Monique of TV’s The Voice) – and as Jaden grew up through the hardest of hard circumstances, he found his own peace by refining his own talent to entertain. Making the most crucial and important decisions of his life to-date, Jaden would pack up his belongings and move out to Atlanta, Georgia, where his uncle owned a record label. Not willing to simply accept a handout, Jaden worked day & night around the clock to earn his spot on the roster of Muscle Jam Music – and thanks to his dedication & effort, he officially inked his first record deal in 2021. While it might never have been the easiest journey an artist will have to the spotlight Gothpartyweekend is here.

Breaking out with his debut single “No Love” on March 24th this year, Gothpartyweekend is ready to embrace his destiny & take over the scene. Taking on the persona of a vampire, and adding a gothic spin to his style & sound that’s guaranteed to set him apart from the rest, Gothpartyweekend is set to make a massive impression & impact on listeners worldwide with the official release of “No Love.” Complete with the full support of a pro-shot video where he’s rockin’ vampire teeth and putting his X-factor straight into the spotlight where he’s always belonged – Gothpartyweekend is proving to the world he’s on that next level, representing the future of music. Currently putting the finishing touches on his Vampirr Album while “No Love” climbs the charts & he continues confidently into most groundbreaking year of his career as the next powerful voice in hybrid Trap/R&B – Gothpartyweekend has emerged with heated bars, stylistically slick sound, and finesse on the mic unlike any other. Join the man on his mission to become the recognizable name in the game – Gothpartyweekend is coming for one & all in 2021, stocked and loaded with the genuine swagger, professional precision, & unrivaled passion that the people want to hear, as he creates a legacy that’ll last a lifetime.

Find out more about Gothpartyweekend through the official Muscle Jam Music label at:

Garry Brown (President)

Muscle Jam Music


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